Interactive response technology is a fast, effective way to train and develop successful employees, but also to gather honest feedback important to an organisation. Trainers or presenters can ask interactive polling questions and receive instant feedback from all participants - employees, customers or members of a community.



"It has gone very well, the training has been delivered in the way we imagined and staff have told us that they really enjoy it."
Kerry McDaid, HR Adviser
Kerry McDaid, HR Adviser
West Lothian Council

Response technology can be used to train and develop effective employees. Knowledge can be assessed before and after trainings with pre- and post-testing of material. Interactive programs can be implemented to prompt engagement, track development or run competitive teambuilding activities.

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"TurningPoint means that everyone can have their say without the fear of being embarrassed about speaking in public."
Janette Gedge, Consultation Manager
Janette Gedge, Consultation Manager
Haringey Council

It can be a challenge to spark discussions during difficult conversations based on ethics, stereotyping or soliciting community input. With response technology, track participant responses or choose to anonymously take attendance, gather demographic information and obtain votes from the audience. Prompt honest feedback and effectively gather community input to make decisions and in real-time, report the results from everyone in your community.




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