If you've got a question about TurningPoint the answer is probably in the FAQs below. If it isn't then call us on +44 (0)28 9008 0172 and we'll help you out directly.

Do I need a license to use the software on multiple machines?
You do not need a license to install and author content using TurningPoint on multiple machines. TurningPoint software is available for download free of charge
Why am I getting the message that indicates my receiver is not licensed to work with TurningPoint®?
If you have upgraded your software from TurningPoint® 2006 to TurningPoint® 2008, you will need to upgrade your receiver with a 2008 license code. Please call Customer Support at 0844 371 8406 for further information.
How to upgrade a TurningPoint 2006 receiver to TurningPoint 2008
  1. You will need a new licence code for TurningPoint 2008. If you do not have this yet, please fill in this form and we'll get one out to you as fast as we can. (We are normally quite fast in our own opinion but if you're in a mega rush then call 0845 371 8510 and we can speed things up for you).
  2. Make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest version of TurningPoint. You can do this here.
  3. Launch TurningPoint 2008.
  4. Plug in your TurningPoint 2006 receiver. Click 'OK' in response to the message telling you that your receiver will not work with TurningPoint 2008.
  5. Click on the 'Tools' option on the TurningPoint toolbar.
  6. Click on 'Upgrade TurningPoint Receiver'.
  7. Select 'Upgrade licence over the web' and click 'Next'.
  8. Enter the code you got in step 1, as well as your other details and click 'Next'.
  9. Click 'Finish'.
Help! I can't upgrade my receiver over the internet!
Your proxy server or firewall could be getting in the way. Contact your IT team and they should be able to assist you with this.
How much memory and what kind of software does my computer need to have to run TurningPoint and use a ResponseCard® system?
PC Requirements
  • Intel or AMD 600 Mhz class processor (1 GHz or higher recommended)
  • 256 MB RAM (256 MB or more of "available" RAM recommended)
  • 60 MB hard disk space (an additional 32 MB is required if you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed)
  • 1024x768 resolution at 32-bit color or higher
  • Standard USB 1.1/2.0 port
  • Ethernet or 802.11 compatible wireless network card (for vPad and vPad Presenter use)

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, or XP
  • Microsoft .Net framework version 2.0 or higher.

Mac Requirements
  • G3 processor or better / Intel processors fully supported (Universal Binary)
  • 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • 10 MB hard disk space
  • Available USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port

  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
  • Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac
I need to know about the frequencies that the RF handsets use so that my IT team can verify everything is okay.
I'm installing on a network. Can I get access to MSI files?
Absolutely. You will find them on our main software downloads page.
Where can I learn how to use TurningPoint?
Good question. You have a couple of options:
How do I integrate TurningPoint with my LMS?
TurningPoint will work with BlackBoard, WebCT, Moodle and Sakai. Instructions on each are available on the USA Technical Documentation page here.
When setting up a participant list, do I have to manually type in all the handset codes?
It's easy enough to create a participant list using the auto-register feature in the latest versions of the software. Alternatively you can copy and paste from Excel.
How do I set an answer as correct?
Please select your version of Microsoft™ Office® for instructions. Microsoft™ Office® 2003
  1. Highlight the answer text you wish to set as correct.
  2. Right click on the highlighted text.
  3. Select Set as correct from the drop down menu.

Microsoft™ Office® 2007
  1. View the Settings Pane on the right hand side of the screen.
  2. Look for the category Answer Values.
  3. You will see boxes corresponding to the number of answers on the slide listed
  4. Click on the arrow for the drop down menu on the right hand side of the answer you wish to set as correct.
  5. Select Correct from the drop down menu.
How do I set an answer as correct using the Mac? (2 options)
Option 1
  1. Select Tools from the TurningPoint® toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select the slide.
  4. Select the answer.
  5. Change to correct.

Option 2
  1. Control click on the bullet number.
  2. Scroll down to Set Answer Values.
  3. Choose your answer option.
  4. Set as Correct.
Why can't I see the Correct Answer Indicator?
If you do not see the Correct Answer indicator after adding it to your slide, check to make sure you have specified a correct answer for the question.
I don't want to display the charts in my presentation, what do I do?
If you do not wish to display the chart in your presentation, you can set the presentation to Review Only. This will keep the charts from populating during the presentation however you will still be able to see them in thumbnail view. You will also have the option of returning to the slide to reveal the chart during presentation if you decide to reveal the results to your audience. This option is only available on the PC.
  1. Select Tools from the TurningPoint® toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Presentation.
  4. Make sure the All Settings radio button is marked.
  5. On the right hand pane, scroll to Chart Options.
  6. Scroll to Review Only.
  7. Change to True.
  8. Select Done.
How do I change my chart colours?
TurningPoint® does allow you to modify the colors displayed on your chart.
  1. Select Tools from the TurningPoint® toolbar
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Presentation.
  4. Make Sure the All Settings radio button is marked.
  5. On the right hand pane, scroll to Chart Options.
  6. Select Chart Colors.
  7. Select User Defined.
  8. Select the color next to Chart Color 1.
  9. Select a new color from the pop up box.
  10. Repeat steps 8 and 9 until you have completed your color changes.
  11. Click Apply All.
  12. Click Done.
Am I able to convert my existing PowerPoint slides in to TurningPoint® slides?
Yes. To convert existing PowerPoint® slides confirm that the slide is in Title/Text layout for Office® 03 or Title/Content layout for Office® 07. Select Insert Object from the TurningPoint® toolbar. Select Chart from the dropdown menu. This will insert a chart into your existing slide converting it into an audience response slide.
How do I save my data?
To save the session data file, select the disk icon on your TurningPoint® toolbar.
What happens if I forget to load my participant list before running a session?
TurningPoint® will allow you to link the participant list after the fact if the original session was run using the Auto setting for the participant list.
  1. Select Continue Prior session from the TurningPoint® toolbar.
  2. Select the session.
  3. Select the desired list from the Participant list choices.
  4. Save the session with a new name.
  5. This will add the list to the newly saved session.
Why doesn't my Team Leader Board show any teams?
Teams must be assigned by either a Team Assignment slide in the presentation or through the Participant list. If you do not see any teams on the slide, make sure that you have included a Team Assignment slide in your presentation. If you are using a Participant list to assign teams, check to make sure you have assigned the teams by placing a check mark in the appropriate box on the list.
Why doesn't my Team Leader Board show point totals?
Questions must have a point value assigned and must have an answer marked as correct in order to award those points. Teams must have a positive point value in order to appear on the board.
I don't understand the point total for my team score, how does it calculate?
The formula for the team score will be one of the following, depending on how you have the setting Multiple Response Devisors set. If the setting is Responses, the calculation is: Total number of correct team responses/ Total number of team responses * Point Value If the setting is Devices, the calculation is: Total number of correct team responses/ Total number of team devices * Point Value
I can't get my ResponseCard® to work. I don't see any responses.
If you are not receiving responses, check the following settings and programming. For RF handsets:
  1. Check to see if your receiver is registering in TurningPoint®.
    1. Select Tools from your TurningPoint® toolbar.
    2. Select Settings.
    3. Select Response Device.
    4. The receiver will be displayed in the right hand pane. It will list the receiver id, version and channel.
    5. Note the channel number.
  2. Make sure your ResponseCard® is on the same channel as your receiver.
    1. To program the ResponseCard® RF.
    2. Press Ch.
    3. Enter your channel number as a two digit code. The default channel is '41'.
    4. Press Ch.

For XR handsets:
  1. Press Menu.
  2. Arrow down to Change Channel.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Type in the channel number.

The ResponseCard® IR does not use channels.
I'm using a Mac and TurningPoint® 2008 won't work with my Mac Office® 2008.
TurningPoint® 2008 software is only compatible with Mac Office® 2004. To use TurningPoint in a Mac environment without Office 2004, you can use TurningPoint Anywhere which is a free download, or run in a Windows Environment through Mac.
If I create a presentation on my Mac, do I have the ability to run in on my PC?
Yes, if you save the presentation using PowerPoint® you can run it on either Mac or PC. To save the presentation, select Save from the PowerPoint® toolbar.
Can I import a participant list I created in Excel® on my Mac?
TurningPoint® for Mac does not support importing a participant list from Excel®.
How do I increase/decrease the amount of time on my countdown timer on my Mac?
Once you have inserted the countdown timer, press control and click. Select Change Timer Limit from the menu. A dialogue box will open prompting you to change the time limit. You also have the ability to change this using your Tools menu under Settings--Reponse Reminders.
When I make changes to my slide charts, I don't see them update automatically on my Mac, how do I see my changes?
You can view the changes to your TurningPoint® charts by refreshing the slide using the Refresh icon on the toolbar.
I don't see my TurningPoint® showbar after starting my presentation using the PowerPoint® toolbar on my Mac.
The presentation must be started using the Start Show icon from your TurningPoint® toolbar to run successfully on the Mac.
The polling doesn't open automatically on my Mac. How do I start/stop polling?
Polling is started/stopped using the Open polling/ Close polling buttons located on your show bar.
I have Mac Office® 2004 and 2008 installed but I get AppleScript error 2741 when trying to run my reports.
Open Excel® in Office® 2004 before running the report. Once Excel® 2004 is open, run the report from the TurningPoint® toolbar.
My PowerPoint file is crashing and I don't know why? Is it because of TurningPoint?
There are lots of different reasons why this might be happening so it's hard to answer that one in an FAQ document. Get in touch, however, and we'll help you figure it out.