Response Options

ResponseCard SE

ResponseCard SE is a low cost, single event use keypad designed specifically for the meetings and event industry. While the keypad utilizes the same, reliable radio frequency technology as other ResponseCards, it has been reengineered to incorporate major cost reductions that ensure reliability while shortening its usable lifespan. Its short term life (up to 10 days) and low cost eliminates the need for post-event collection or management of devices.

ResponseCard RF LCD

The ResponseCard RF LCD clicker is designed so that participants receive visual confirmation of input. The LCD screen displays response selected, channel setting and battery life. Its lightweight, rugged and durable enclosure allows it to be easily transported from room to room or around the globe for optimum portability.

ResponseCard RF-A

Designed for the visually impaired, the ResponseCard RF Accessibility clicker contains all the features and functionality of ResponseCard RF, but with Braille characters adjacent to the corresponding buttons. In addition, ResponseCard RF-A includes a vibration motor that pulses when various actions occur.

ResponseCard NXT

ResponseCard NXT offers the same response features as other RF keypads, with advanced capabilities such as cell-phone style text entry for short answer and essay questions. The main feature that the NXT provides is its self-paced test mode for individual assessment. The unit also contains an LCD display that indicates responses have been received. The ResponseCard NXT was designed with an angled, backlit LCD screen for optimum viewing in low-light environments along with a durable, rugged case that ensures maximum longevity under extreme conditions.

ResponseCard QT Device

QT Device provides the same, reliable radio frequency (RF) technology and features as other Turning Technologies RF keypads, but with a full, ergonomic QWERTY keyboard for easy text input. Detailed feedback can be gathered from open-ended questions for collection of critical data. Large LCD screen and backlight provide clear viewing of responses, channel number and battery life. Glow in the dark keyboard supports low light environments. The QT is compatible with numerous question types including multiple choice, multiple response, numeric response, true/false and short answer. Presentation and test mode for self-paced testing are available.


ResponseCard QT2

The all new QT2 is full-featured and designed to collect even more meaningful data. QT2 is the perfect device to increase understanding and communication throughout the teaching and learning process. QT2’s ergonomic design promises to make responding easy and enjoyable. With the QT2, fully engage your audience without the disruption of apps and the internet to further learning in every way.


The revolutionary response system for mobile devices - turns a participant's web-enabled mobile device into a virtual ResponseCard. ResponseWare allows students and participants to respond using a Wi-Fi or data connection. ResponseWare allows the user to respond to multiple styles of questions, such as: multiple-choice, alphanumeric, multiple response and even essay questions. The diversity of response types increases communication options and allows users to easily submit questions electronically during an interactive polling session to the presenter.